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Help us reach our smokefree goal

The SFAC stands ready to support the measures announced by the Prime Minister to protect the next generation and hasten the day when smoking is obsolete. Right now, your MP needs to know why creating a smokefree generation matters to you, your community and the work you do.

Help us reach our smokefree goal by emailing your MP to urge them to support legislation raising the age of sale by one year every year from 2027.

Put your postcode into to get the name and contact details of your MP. Remember to include your address to show you are a constituent. Please copy us in so we can keep track at

Key Messages:

  • Tobacco cigarettes are a uniquely lethal and addictive product which the next generation must be protected from
  • No-one, even smokers, wants their children to take up smoking
  • Smoking does immeasurable harm to your constituents [for specific details see ASH ready reckoner data on cost to the NHS, social care and productivity in your area]
  • Who you are and why this matters to you

Summary of the proposals announced by the PM on 4th October
1. Create the first smoke-free generation
by raising the age of sale for cigarettes by one year every year from 2027. [Command paper 20 -22]

2. Strengthen support for people to quit smoking
[Command paper p. 23-26]

  • £5m this year and £15m pa from next year for awareness campaigns
  • £70 m from next year for LA Stop Smoking Services.
  • In addition to previous commitments of £45 m over two years for 1 million free ‘swap to stop’ vapes; and vouchers up to £400 for every pregnant smoker who quits

3. Curb the rise in youth vaping by consulting on measures to reduce the appeal and availability of vapes to children while ensuring they remain available to help adult smokers quit. [Command paper pages 27-33]

4. Strengthen enforcement activity,
with £30 m new funding in addition to the £3 m on illicit vapes enforcement, additional powers and an updated anti-illict strategy. [Command paper p. 34-37]

See also Prime Minister’s press release and further information about the proposals.

The consultation is now live on and will run for 8 weeks until Thursday 7th December.

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