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About us

The Smokefree Action Coalition (SFAC) is a group of over 300 organisations across the UK committed to ending smoking. The Coalition is coordinated by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

The SFAC’s geographical remit is England for devolved matters such as health, and UK-wide for reserved matters such as tax and illegal tobacco.

In the UK we work with our sister organisations, ASH Scotland, ASH Wales and ASH Northern Ireland, all of whom are members of the SFAC. Internationally we work with the Smokefree Partnership and the Global Alliance for Tobacco Control (previously the FCA) to support implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to end smoking by 2030 and make smoking history for our children.

This ambition was adopted by the Government in its 2019 Prevention Green Paper.

Our campaign

The SFAC is campaigning to ensure that the Government delivers on its ambition for England to be smokefree by 2030.

Public support for Government action to tackle smoking is strong and growing. The UK has been recognised for its exemplary leadership in tackling smoking, and has delivered significant declines in smoking prevalence among adults and children in the last two decades.

However, analysis by Cancer Research UK shows that on current trends it will be 2039 before we achieve the Smokefree 2030 target.

The SFAC objectives are to:

  • Secure a comprehensive government tobacco control strategy to achieve a smokefree 2030
  • Secure sustainable funding to deliver the strategy
  • Ensure regulation of tobacco products continues to be strengthened until smoking has been made obsolete
  • Ensure stricter regulation of e-cigarettes and other nicotine products to minimise youth use while ensuring continued access for adult smokers to the most effective quitting methods.
  • Engage the NHS and health professionals to support smokers to quit
  • Support the delivery of tobacco control at national, regional and local level
  • Enhance control of the Tobacco Supply Chain
  • Prevent tobacco industry interference in public policy
  • Support International Tobacco Control