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The Smokefree Action Coalition is a group of organisations committed to promoting public health. We came together initially to lobby for smokefree workplaces and are now committed to reducing the harm caused by tobacco more generally.
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Standardised packaging: the final implementation

From 20th May 2016 all tobacco packs manufactured for sale in the UK must be a drab brown colour with the product name in a standard font.

Retailers had until 20th May 2017 to sell off old stock and the regulations are now fully implemented.

Standardised packs

For more information on these and other regulations on tobacco and e-cigarettes implemented from 20th May 2016 click here.
You can read more content about the implementation of the new regulations and why they are such an important measure for public health on the the ASH Medium publication here.

Image source: Action on Smoking and Health.
The image conforms to the requirements of the EU Tobacco Products Directive and UK Standardised Packaging regulations.
High resolution copies are available on request. Please email admin@smokefreeaction.org.uk


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