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Tobacco toolkit for local alliances

NEW: ASH has written a report, commissioned by CRUK, on the impact of public health transition on tobacco control and smoking cessation services in England.

Working together, ASH, the Faculty of Public Health, the Local Government Association, FRESH North East, Tobacco Free Futures and Smokefree South West have produced a set of materials for local public health professionals to use with Councillors and other stakeholders to help ensure that tackling tobacco use is high on the local public health agenda.

Together these resources will allow you to:

  • demonstrate the scale of the harm locally caused by tobacco use and the contribution this makes to health inequalities,
  • demonstrate the cost to local communities, local economies and service providers,
  • demonstrate the evidence of effectiveness of local action on tobacco and health.

The materials are designed for you easily to integrate local data from local tobacco control profiles and from the ASH Ready Reckoner, a tool for demonstrating the local economic impacts of smoking and tobacco use.

UK map Click on the links below to access data and material specific to your region.

1. North East
2. North West
3. Yorkshire and Humber
4. East Midlands
5. West Midlands
6. East of England
7. Greater London
8. South East
9. South West


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